Today felt like a Saturday.

Today felt like a Saturday for multiple reasons.  First off, I stayed home.  Last night the weather was super bad – there was a state-of-emergency called for our area because of the snow – and Adam didn’t feel comfortable with me driving our little Impala around when the snow was coming down so fast the plows not only couldn’t keep up but were getting stuck themselves (No joke!  Aaron saw it with his own eyes.)  So, carless and definitely busy with homework, I have spent today doing just that — homework.  I got to sleep in though – 8:30am (Whoohoo!!) – which was wonderful, enjoyed some grapefruit for breakfast (peeled the classic Day way so that it’s sweet and not bitter), spent some time in the Word, and then got busy.  Today I have:

  • Written a 7-page paper on fantasy-theory criticism for my Rhetorical Criticism class
  • Summarized 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon
  • Mopped two bathroom floors
  • Looked over and organized some wedding stuff
  • and enjoyed breaks and multi-tasking by watching what I would almost call one of the most addicting tv shows of all time, Hell’s Kitchen.

Sigh…. yes, Hell’s Kitchen, my inspiration and reminder of my love for cooking that thankfully lands me there tonight to make chicken enchiladas for the family.  There’s nothing so tantalizing as looking and hearing about great tasting food. Mmmhmm.

(Speaking of which, I’m off now to cook.  I can’t believe cooking dinner can be so exhilarating. 🙂 )

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One Response to Today felt like a Saturday.

  1. Michaela says:

    so last night I was in the mood for a late night In n out run with Ashley Bricks but you weren’t here 😦

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