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The Welfare of the City

I like to listen to the Word. I know I’m young to say that my eyes are so bad and blah, blah, blah, but it’s true. During the past few months, as I’ve rebuilt the vitamin A in my system, … Continue reading

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Co-Workers and Crystal Balls

I am not a huge advocate of change for the sake of change. However, I do believe that some change is needed at specific times in life in order to continue to move in the direction you ought.  My new … Continue reading

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What I’ve Come to Realize: September 11th

I thought about reposting an old post tonight, this eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. I thought about it a lot because of what I talked about, the importance of what happened then and how it continues to – … Continue reading

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On the mission field at home

I grew up with insane imaginations, extensive dreams, plots and stories playing out in my head. Dreams I experienced at night became the next story of my “life”. When I washed dishes, my hands were moving and the dish drain … Continue reading

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The truth is….. I don’t really love them.

Remember when everything happened in Egypt?  My heart jumped and my mind was overtaken with concern.  Remember? I wrote about it atleast twice (here and here). I actually took interest in the news, I actually kept myself updated, I actually … Continue reading

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