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No One Cares What I Had for Lunch???

Happy Monday afternoon to you all.  My word!  It’s a new week already! I am beginning to write a term paper for my English Literature class.  My topic is Shakespeare’s view on love according to his sonnets.  Can you say … Continue reading

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I’m Due to Help Fold Laundry.

So I have to say I am definitely one for unconventional breakfasts. Although I enjoy normal breakfast foods alot – after all, anything with eggs, meat, and cheese is amazing – I also like leftovers. For the instance, this morning, … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m Here!

Hi All!  I’m here in So Cal (Southern California) and having an absolute blast!  This past week has been WOW week (Week of Welcome), so we’ve done all sorts of stuff.  For instance, we’ve done “Valley Invasion” which consisted of … Continue reading

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My New Job!!!

I just got hired for my work-study program at school!  I will be acting as the administrative assistant/intern for the director of career services at The Master’s College, Rick Wahler.  The job description is below (quoted from an email from … Continue reading

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School News… none yet… =)

Just checking all this out… no school news yet.

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