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Dress Shoes, Earrings, and Nail Polish too

God has a sense of humor, because these last few weeks at work have been great. People have been showing up, business has been steady, I’ve been sleeping through the night. Something else has been happening these past few weeks. … Continue reading

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Whirlwind: 2011 in Review

It’s December 30th, 2011. I’m at the fire station (surprise, surprise). Chicken wings are in the oven. Adam and James are playing Call of Duty. Life is good. Amazingly, although almost January, it’s not snowing outside. It’s not bad. I … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed. Under-paid. Over-worked. Under-appreciated. Stressed. Tired. Exhausted. Frustrated. Failing. Quitting? Quitter? I’ll admit. These have been the thoughts of the last few weeks at work. I’ve been ready to be done with big business, politics, a lack of integrity all … Continue reading

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Compression Socks: Yep, I’m a trend-setter.

I’ve mentioned that I live in a historical heaven. I’ve mentioned that I’m busier than I ever thought I’d be at this stage of life. I’ve mentioned that I’m manager, and that I can feel the grey hairs sprouting daily. … Continue reading

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On the mission field at home

I grew up with insane imaginations, extensive dreams, plots and stories playing out in my head. Dreams I experienced at night became the next story of my “life”. When I washed dishes, my hands were moving and the dish drain … Continue reading

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