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For Married Men Only

After much discussion with my husband and a few years of mulling over a very serious topic in my heart and mind, I am prayerfully beginning the process of writing my first book. While the title of this post is … Continue reading

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Words on My Lips

Running has become such a place of solace and strength for me.  This, however, often found through pain, weakness, and exhaustion.  As my body strains beyond what it deems possible at the moment, while it wrestles with its mortal limitations, … Continue reading

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Pyramids and Possibilities

I have to admit.  I’m a nerd and a lover of research papers.  I wrote my first research paper on the Pony Express in 6th grade, followed by a few others, until in 10th grade, I wrote my first 30-page … Continue reading

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Taking Responsibility: Binghamton

Over the last 48 hours, a discussion about the character of the city of Binghamton has exploded over the social networks.  Binghamton University Student Alyssa Mercante posted a personal opinion article in Binghamton University’s Pipe Dreams in which she berates the … Continue reading

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Do I Dare?

Such a wrestle. Such a fight. Such a quandary.  I’m here, given time, opportunity, equipment, and mental energy, and yet I find myself tossing and turning within, juggling ideas, and furrowing my brow in an attempt to make it all … Continue reading

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