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Product Reviews: Better Batter Yellow Cake REVISITED

Over the 18 months or so, I have reviewed numerous products.  However, there are only a handful of times that I have ever heard any response back from the company whose products I reviewed.  Additionally, there is only one company … Continue reading

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Product Reviews: The Really Good Food Company Chocolate Cake Mix

After a failure at making some strawberry muffins today, I decided that a chocolate cake was a great way to fix the “problem”.  So, I went to my pantry and decided it was time to review another product. Allergy-Related Information: … Continue reading

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2 Apples, 3 Carrots, and 3/4 c. of Cranberries

This, my friends, is today’s successful experiment! After juicing some veggies and fruit, I decided that wasting the pulp of some veggies was not going to happen in this household. So, I whipped up a spice bundt cake and added … Continue reading

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