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Rebellion: Legalism v. Grace

I have declared myself a rebel.  I don’t take that back. However, it’s important to clarify something here.  I was counseled to be cautious as I revel in this “rebellion” to remember the warnings of Scripture. It is in the … Continue reading

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I am a Rebel.

I was recently asked whether my ability to throw off childhood rules (patro-nationalism) and strict religious standards is a matter of rebellion against a childhood that was rather strict. It has been a sobering question. Does rebellion fuel my actions?  I … Continue reading

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Victory: Taking Thoughts Captive

  It is amazing to me the power of emotions.  One simple suggestion reminds of an unfriendly reality which finds me saddened the current state of things and then frustrated, tearful, restless, discontent. Is that not the power of a … Continue reading

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