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REPOST: Permission to Create by Sharp Paynes

I was recently reading a great blog, Sharp Paynes, and found a recent post that struck close to my own heart as I find myself trying to balance productivity, creativity, and prioritization. I was granted permission from Tresta at Sharp Paynes … Continue reading

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Guest Interview: Brigitte Short: Re-Purposing

Every once in a while I’m impressed with someone’s ability to be creative, save money, and turn one used into something brand new! Brigitte Short is one of those inspiring people. It’s not rare to see Brigitte’s posts on Facebook, … Continue reading

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Writing: The Art of Asking Questions

Stories are built around mystery, conflict, triumph over odds, battles, and the development of character. However, in reality, stories are merely a product of questions. Questions, those moments, glances, breathes of uncertainty first capture the mind of the writer and … Continue reading

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You paid for that?

I love watching shows on couponing. I read a newspaper article on dumpster diving. I love do-it-yourself websites and ideas. I have to say, I’m slightly miserly. Actually, in defense, saving money is not a bad thing. We all live … Continue reading

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Food-Filled Fridays: What I’ve Learned from Cooking Shows

Good Friday to all! I am feeling great today after some less-than-ideal sleeping this past week and a wonderful morning of sleeping in ’til the last second before starting work!  What a difference it made…. (about as much of a … Continue reading

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