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Views from the Finish Line: Running the Vestal XX

I thought I might cry when I crossed the finish line.  I thought I might be overcome with emotion.  I thought I might be dying of hunger.   I thought I might…. the mind takes you a million places when … Continue reading

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The First Mile is for Me.

Today was my 7-mile run.  I have to admit that the number scared me.  Am I ready?  Will I make it? lol… I laugh because just last week I ran 6 miles and did fine, so I should be okay … Continue reading

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Holding On, Holding Back

I have been running for weeks now. Actually, now that I realize this, I’ve been running faithfully since October, so we’re looking at almost 6 months.  I’ve noticed a difference in myself.  I’ve learned to love something I hated for … Continue reading

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Mental Notes: inside the mind of this runner

1 hr before run: [tired and considering skipping] 2 minutes before run: [excited and ready to go.] 10 seconds after warm-up is over: Ok, just start already. 1 mile: 7.5 minutes: Not so bad. I can do this. I’m doing great!  2 … Continue reading

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Food-Filled Fridays: New Year’s Resolution #1: Eat more macaroni and cheese!

Well, to be honest, eating more macaroni and cheese is not my New Year’s resolution, but I’m talking about both topics today, so I thought that was creative.  On the other hand, I’ve been craving mac’n’cheese like crazy, so perhaps … Continue reading

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