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Mothers and Marathons: An Exercise in Flexibility

I have to laugh.  I’m on week 1 of my 24 week marathon training and I’ve already screwed up the schedule.  This Monday I ran my 3 miles (on a rather empty stomach and it was hardly a great run). … Continue reading

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REPOST: Permission to Create by Sharp Paynes

I was recently reading a great blog, Sharp Paynes, and found a recent post that struck close to my own heart as I find myself trying to balance productivity, creativity, and prioritization. I was granted permission from Tresta at Sharp Paynes … Continue reading

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Living Without an Iphone: #FirstWorldProblem

 At the start of this new year, I made a huge step in the process of re-focusing my life on what’s important and getting rid of temporal distractions.  Call me dramatic, silly, or radical, but on January 5, I got … Continue reading

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To Be Held.

I want you to know you’re not alone.  I’ve felt that way too. It’s not a bad desire, to be held, to be safe, to be weak and vulnerable and to find rest in the arms of a strong man. … Continue reading

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The Wisest Birthday Card

Amidst all the joys and birthday wishes for a wonderful next year, Grandpa and Grandma Bowman sent me a birthday card that read as follows: As simple as it was, I found it such a neat yet profound view point from … Continue reading

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