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The First Mile is for Me.

Today was my 7-mile run.  I have to admit that the number scared me.  Am I ready?  Will I make it? lol… I laugh because just last week I ran 6 miles and did fine, so I should be okay … Continue reading

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The Long Run: My Half-Marathon and Spiritual Training Plan

As you all know, I’m in the midst of training for my half-marathon. I’m on week 4 of training (after repeating the 2nd week after a hard week of running for me), and this Saturday, I run 6 miles. I’m … Continue reading

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Sweat: The Smell of Success

Adam calls me crazy, and although to this point, I have only found one person who agrees with me (Yay, Corinne, I knew Adam was wrong to say I was only one who thought this way), I have to say … Continue reading

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