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Food-Filled Fridays: Wrapping it Up (Israel)

One of my favorite wraps of all time is best found near the New Gate in Jerusalem.  For only 5-7 shekels, this hearty lunch will have you returning again and again. I know, I know.  Not all my readers have … Continue reading

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On the mission field at home

I grew up with insane imaginations, extensive dreams, plots and stories playing out in my head. Dreams I experienced at night became the next story of my “life”. When I washed dishes, my hands were moving and the dish drain … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Predictions 2011

So, here we are. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon at Phil and Megan Ross’ house in Goshen, Indiana. Yes, surprise.  Adam and I took a trip this Super Bowl. Just kidding.  This starts the week … Continue reading

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A lover of people … a lover of places?

Until today, I had a particular idea about missions. I had decided last summer that there was a difference between being a traveler-at-heart and a missionary-at-heart.  I had thought I was the first. After all, in all the trips I’ve … Continue reading

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674 Times…

…That’s how many times Egypt was mentioned by name in the Bible… and that’s probably how many times the country has come to mind within the last week. Egypt and the Middle East have been on my heart like I never … Continue reading

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