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I am proud to be his “smoking hot wife.”

**This is long, but if you did take the time to read the original article, please do me the honor of reading my response.** I recently was directed to an article entitled “I’m Sick of Hearing about Your Smoking Hot … Continue reading

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Living Without an Iphone: #FirstWorldProblem

 At the start of this new year, I made a huge step in the process of re-focusing my life on what’s important and getting rid of temporal distractions.  Call me dramatic, silly, or radical, but on January 5, I got … Continue reading

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Learning to Love When God Says “No”

I took a run today after a few days off.  It was my regular course, my 4.48-miles around the hills of Castle Creek.  The snow was beginning to fall a little, and the wind was strong against me as I … Continue reading

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Words on My Lips

Running has become such a place of solace and strength for me.  This, however, often found through pain, weakness, and exhaustion.  As my body strains beyond what it deems possible at the moment, while it wrestles with its mortal limitations, … Continue reading

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To Be Held.

I want you to know you’re not alone.  I’ve felt that way too. It’s not a bad desire, to be held, to be safe, to be weak and vulnerable and to find rest in the arms of a strong man. … Continue reading

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